Jan. 26th, 2011

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Last May, I spent a day in Fallbrook at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens, the very source of our Toucan beak and feather specimens (NB: No birds are harmed in this research!). The special occasion was a NOVA filming event for the "Making Stuff" series, the first part of which aired last week. I was very pleased to see that our Toucans had their moment in spotlight!

Me, Tocos, and David Pogue on 13 May 2010 at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. I took many,
many more photos

I met David Pogue in person! In addition to "Arrrr, they were all out of parrots," he made other silly jokes such as "Just put it on my bill." When he was holding the detached Toco Toucan bill, the live Toucans became obviously distressed about this, so he said to them "Don't worry! It was no one you know." At some point, he moved the beak to match his words as he said, "I filled out my donor card." Also, I had the privileged opportunity to see my ex-advisor being coached by the director: "Marc, don't look at the camera. Marc, you're looking at the camera. Marc! Marc, stop." It was awesome (in a vindictive sort of way).

Click here for some unpolished behind the scenes footage > > > > >

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